The SR-Treatment Classes included in Geant4 are:

For Ions

  • G4IonCoulombCrossSection
  • G4IonCoulombScatteringModel

For Electrons

  • G4ScreeningMottCrossSection
  • G4MottCoefficients
  • G4eSingleCoulombScatteringModel

Follow this link to download the latest version (last patch included) of the SR-NIEL classes for Geant4 version 10.4 :


Instructions for Installation:

  1. Download the ZIP file and explode it.
  2. Copy che content of "include" directory in
  3. Copy the content of "src" directory in
  4. Rebuild the Geant4 installation ('make install' in "build" directory)


Follow this link to download the Geant4 Example (test58) which include NIEL and Nuclear Stopping Power calculations:





A brief guide for test58 application is available at SR-NIEL Treatment in Geant4 (test58)