NIEL Dose Dependence in GaAs Solar Cell

Baur et al. (2014) studied the reduction of solar-cells' maximum power resulting from irradiations with electrons and protons in both GaAs single junction and GaInP/GaAs/Ge triple junction solar cells. The results obtained by them indicate how (e.g., see Chapter 11 in [Leroy and Rancoita (2016)]) :

i) the dominant radiation damaging mechanism is due to atomic displacements,

ii) the relative maximum power degradation is almost independent of the type of incoming particle, i.e.,

iii) to a first approximation, the fitted semi-empirical function expressing the decrease of maximum power depends only on the absorbed NIEL dose, and

iv) the actual displacement threshold energy value (Ed =21 eV) accounts for annealing treatments, mostly due to self-annealing induced effects.

The above experimental results were confirmed by C. Baur et al. (2017) after irradiations of 3J solar cells with electrons and protons.

Thus, for a given type of solar cell, a unique maximum power degradation curve can be determined as a function of the absorbed NIEL dose. The latter expression allows one to predict the performance of those solar cells in space radiation environment. In [Baur et al. (2014)], the absorbed NIEL dose in units of MeV/g - imparted by particles with kinetic energy E - was obtained (e.g., see Eq. 4.150 at page 432 in [Leroy and Rancoita (2011)] (and Chapter 7 in [Leroy and Rancoita (2016)]) as:

where Φ is the fluence in cm-2 of traversing particles (electrons or protons in the current investigations) and is the corresponding displacement mass-stopping power of the medium.





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