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Screened Relativistic (SR) Treatment for NIEL Dose

Nuclear and Electronic Stopping Power Calculator

(version 8.0)

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Partition Expression:
Recoil Nucleus and Target Material
Recoil Nucleus:
Target Material:
Energy ranges
Minimum Recoil Energy: [MeV]
Maximum Recoil Energy: [MeV]
Additional Energies (optional): [MeV]

The recoil energy is deposited by ionizing and non-ionizing processes. This tool calculates, for each recoli energy value, the amounts of energy deposited for those processes.
The input parameters and options for the tool are described below.
When the input form has been completed, pressing the "CALCULATE" button will start the calculation and open the "Results" page (allow for pop-up in your browser settings).
The result page will be also linked at the bottom of the calculator page.

Input Parameters:
- Partition Expression
- Recoil nucleus and target material
- Calculator energy limits.

Partition Expression:
The partition of the deposited energy by the recoil nucleus energy can be treated following Robinson’s analytical approximation or Akkerman's modification.
For information one may see the Energy Partition Function page.

Recoil nucleus and target material
In this section it is possible to specify the recoil nucleus and the target material. The required parameters are:
- Atomic number (Z)/Chemical symbol

Energy Limits
This section define the energy limits of the calculation, and the following parameters will be defined:
- Minimum Recoil Energy
- Maximum Recoil Energy
The output table will contain 20 fixed values for each decade within the above selected range.
Moreover a text box is provided for entering additional energies. The input format is one energy per line; it is also possible to copy and paste energy values.

The result page contains the input parameters and the results graphs with the recoil Energy as a function of the Ionizing Energy and Non-Ionizing Energy.

Recoil Energy as a function of the Non-Ionizing Energy in Silicon with Robinson expression for partition function:

Recoil Energy as a function of the Ionizing Energy in Silicon with Robinson expression for partition function:

Fraction of recoil energy: