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Screened Relativistic (SR) Treatment for NIEL Dose

Nuclear and Electronic Stopping Power Calculator

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By exploiting experimental results, the combined effort of the physicists involved with the Galprop model for propagation in galaxy and HelMod for the propagation in heliosphere, the local interstellar spectra (LIS) for Galactic Cosmic Rays species up to Z=28 (Nickel) were derived. HelMod model allows one to derived the ion modulated spectra from the corresping LIS. These spectra are available and accessible from the current webpage.

Data Base Current Availabity:

Cosmic Rays Species:
Mission time period
Mission starting date:
Mission ending date:

  • LIS with 2020 label are inferred from GALPROP-HelMod framework, described in Boschini et al 2020, involving Voyagers, AMS-02 and HEAO3-C2 measurements of nuclei with Z<28. LIS with 2021 label are those recalculated including the state-of-art and brand-new AMS-02 nuclei measurements as described in Boschini et al 2021.

  • The spectral fluence of the selected cosmic rays species can be used as input data file for the SEE Calculator.
  • The HelMod forecasting of selected cosmic rays species is illustrated in this webpage.
  • HelMod spectra are average over a Carrington rotation duration (e.g., 27.2753 days).
  • The lower energy limit of the spectral cosmic rays fluence corresponds to values indicated here.