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Screened Relativistic (SR) Treatment for NIEL Dose

Nuclear and Electronic Stopping Power Calculator

(version 10.16)

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Matteo Boschini

Rita Carpentiero

Pier Giorgio Rancoita

Mauro Tacconi

Who in sr-niel/ASIF/AMS-02 Milano-Bicocca

SR-NIEL codes are continuously updated and were initially developed in 2014 at INFN Milano-Bicocca. They are mainly based on the sr-niel treatment as discussed at SR-NIEL Framework: Physics Handbook (see also the Bibliography webpage).

Pier Giorgio Rancoita

Massimo Gervasi

Stefano Della Torre

Davide Grandi

Mauro Tacconi

Matteo Boschini

Giuseppe La Vacca

Mario Zannoni

Simonetta Pensotti

Giuliano Boella

Agnese Dal Chiele
2021-36-HH.0 ASI-UNIMIB

Who in sr-niel/ASIF/ENEA

(for activities involving ENDF/B cross section library)

Manuela Frisoni

Fabio Panza