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Screened Relativistic (SR) Treatment for NIEL Dose

Nuclear and Electronic Stopping Power Calculator

(version 10.2)

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SR-NIEL and TNID doses calculators for electrons, protons, ions and neutrons in elemental absorbes and compounds; residual particle energy traversing a shielding material; sr-framework for electronic stopping powers, restricted energy-losses, TID doses, large energy deposition effects in devices - e.g., single event effects (SEE) and Weibull functional form– for unidirectionally and isotropically distributed particles, solar modulated spectra for ions with Z up to 28 at 1 AU and along mission orbit



SR-NIEL Calculators (and TNID doses)

      for Single Particles:

      for Spectral Fluences:


Hardness Parameter Calculators

SR Additional Calculators

      for Single Particles:

      for Spectral Fluences:

Energy Partition Functions


Electronic Stopping Power Calculators (and TID doses)

      for Single Particles:

       for Spectral Fluences:


Restricted Energy-Loss Calculators (and TID doses)

      for Single Particles:

       for Spectral Fluences:


Residual Energy for protons, ions and electrons traversing a shielding material due to Electronic Stopping Power

      for Single Particles:

  • residual energy traversing a shielding material for mono-energetic isotropically distributed particles
    • Residual energy for mono-energetic protons and ions traversing a spherical absorber
    • Residual energy for mono-energetic protons and ions traversing a spherical absorber with extension to high energies
    • Residual energy for mono-energetic electrons traversing a spherical absorber

      for Spectral Fluences:

Effects due to a large energy deposition in devices (e.g., SEE) and cosmic rays fluences

      for unidirectional particle impinging perpendidicularly on the device front face:

      for isotropically distributed inpinging particles:


HelMod cosmic rays fluences:


Fluence to Dose Converter(TID)/Calculator(TNID) for and dedicated to ASIF (ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities) facilities

      for TNID Doses:

      for TID Doses:



  • The TNID dose is the total non-ionizing energy loss (NIEL) dose.
  • The TID dose is the total ionizing energy loss dose.
  • SEE (Single Event Effect)

The data generated by using the Calculator may be used by SR-NIEL developers for statistical purpose